My First Post! Here we go…..

I finally did it. I am officially a blogger. I mean, I can’t really plan on running a business without a blog. Who would think I was legit? So after many procrastinating hours spent reading how-to posts this type-A said, “Just do it.”  So here I am…doing it.

With this blog, I hope to provide a resource and some inspiration to couples as they think about their wedding day. The average cost of weddings continues to rise, but somehow paychecks are not.  Everyone should have the wedding of their dreams and be comfortable with the money they spend on it.

I love experimenting with different ideas that fall within budget but still have class.  I actually prefer the challenge of finding something fab for less. I guess it is the thrill of the hunt.

Anyone who knows me will agree I often go off on tangents. I just have too many ideas and they seem to build on one another. So my wedding ideas may translate into home décor ideas, which may lead into a new recipe that I tried and have to share. Who knows?

So, bear with me as a beginner blogger, pass this blog along to others, and maybe someday I will help you plan your wedding or special event.


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