Untapped Gem in Hartford, CT

I have the honor of assisting The Knot.com in planning a Networking event for Connecticut vendors. For this event we chose The Greater Hartford Jaycees Community Boathouse. This venue is fairly new…hence the untapped gem title of this post. Here are some great features of the Boathouse.

1. The Boathouse is non-profit. You can feel good knowing that proceeds from your event help support youth programs and free public events in Greater Hartford.

2. The Boathouse is the only year-round waterfront special events facility in Hartford. Greet your guests by arriving via boat.

3. Flexible rental times and privacy. Many venues may have 3-4 events happening at once. When you reserve the Boathouse, you can have the facility for the duration you choose. No need to worry about rushing from a ceremony site or pushing your guests out the door because there is another event scheduled after yours.

4. Awesome staff! I have been working with Valerie and she has been great. She is patient and creative and truly loves what she does for the Boathouse. Her great recommendations on how to add just a little extra “touch” to our event I am sure will wow our guests at our event.

Fab for less tip: There are many public events in Hartford that feature fireworks. If you plan your event when fireworks are happening, you would have an awesome fireworks display for your guests…free of charge to you. That could save you $1500-$3000.

Because the Boathouse has a nice blank palette to work with, I have a ton of ideas for events at this location. Building up to the event for theknot next week I am going to play around with wedding ideas for the Boathouse. Tomorrow I will experiment with jade green and navy blue…very kate spadesque.


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  1. Sarah Madison says:

    This blog looks VERY promising. Great tips above; I’m subscribing so as to not miss more great tips!

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