Bienvenue…..Wedding in Versailles, France

And I’m back….Took a little break from the blog while I worked with some new clients and took a much belated honeymoon with my husband. Four years waiting and we finally took our European honeymoon we talked about when we got married. It was definitely worth the wait. We saved up our cash and managed to knock off 3 countries, 7 major cities, all the wine, cheese, pasta and bread in 12 days. It was awesome!!! I took some great pics, which will be the much needed inspiration for some of my upcoming blogs.

One of the places we visited in Paris was the Palace of Versailles or Chateau de Versailles. Above is a gorgeous chandelier from the Hall of Mirrors. The French sure know how to do fancy. Inside the Chateau was one thing, but the outside gardens were breathtaking. They just kept going and going for miles. Here are some pics from outside.

Fleur de lis a symbol of France








The Grand Canal which went on for like 3 miles.

The Grand Canal

The Orangerie which has orange trees from Portugal, Spain and Italy, and lemon and pomegranate trees that are over 200 years old.







Some fine shrubbery.

While touring the gardens we came upon a wedding. So of course I whipped out my stalk cam and got some shots. It seemed pretty casual. As casual as you can get for the gardens of Versailles. Some low key umbrellas, pretty appetizer trays set up. A nice bar. It seemed to be the cocktail hour. The bride is in the orange hat.

Ok, so here it is zoomed in a little bit closer.

Here is a good shot of the bride from a different angle. I wasn’t the only one snapping pictures of the wedding. The dress was ivory and laced up the back. Very delicate looking. The orange sun hat and matching shoes and flowers really make this a unique get up.

So where and how could you pull off a Versailles wedding of your own? I have a lot of ideas. Stick with me as this is a long one….

How about The Pond House overlooking Elizabeth Park in West Hartford, CT? Here are a few pics. I love the indoor/outdoor feel.

Some pics of The Garden Room, which holds up to 200.

Some pics in the Garden Room with topiaries, which I think would be lovely for a spring wedding.

I love the orange topiaries and floral decor. For more of a Victorian look.

For the ceremony outside, here are some decor ideas.
For a fresh spring or summery look, I could see the white linens and chairs below, but have orange tree centerpieces. The green and orange would really pop. And also sustainable.
For place cards, use Clementines to stay within the citrus theme.
Or maybe you could use these DIY Toparies for place cards.
Programs with a touch of orange in a woven basket.
And what will we have for dessert? Just a simple design with a few oranges?
Or maybe you want go give your guests a choice of cake with a similar orange color theme in the frosting.
Fab for less….Save money on your drink bill. Offer bear and wine and then a signature drink that matches your theme. You can serve pitchers of this Sangria below with orange garnishes or you can have the bartender serve it in a fancy glass for guests.
Here are some floral ideas.
And what would the attire look like?
For the bride. A Beaded Lace Sheath dress from David’s Bridal. This is classy and summery. It has sort of a vintage feel as well. And You can’t go wrong at only $165. Heck, you could afford to wear a different dress for the ceremony and this for the reception. I think this would look lovely for both though. You could probably pair an orange belt with this…but I am not too sure if that is too much?
You can never fail with an accent shoe though. I really had a hard time finding a pretty orange heel. I am sure this was a non-issue for the Versailles bride in Europe.
And for the bridesmaids. Again, I am going to go with the budget dress for the ladies. I guess I have had my share of bridesmaid dresses that were over $200 and then my petite frame generally lends to about another $80-$100 in alterations. In reality, the bridesmaid dress should be something that the bride likes, which may not align with the taste/style of each and every bridesmaid. No biggie and as a bridesmaid it is something that you need to suck up. I am not sure of a bridesmaid that would argue with an affordable dress though. No matter how ridiculous it may be. So anyway, my budget find. Merona® Collection V-Neck Dress – Orange from yes Target. Now, you would need to get it online. But for $39.99, if it didn’t fit you, you could surely exchange for a different size or heck, pay a few bucks for alterations so that it fits well.
If you want something a bit more fancy, here is a cute Silk Scoop Neck Bridesmaid Dress from Ann Taylor. On sale now for $149.99.
For the gents, I think a summery khaki suit with a sharp orange tie would do it.
And if you really want to be noticed on your wedding day like the Versailles bride, you can top it all off with one of these.
And my absolute fave.
Well, that just might have been my longest post. If you have made it this far, you can collect your $200 and soon I will post a collage with the whole Versailles ensemble. Until then mes amis (my friends)….

Au revoir

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  1. Joanna says:

    Matching dress on sale: Think the second hat and dress would be too much? 🙂

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