A Royal Wedding


Only a few more months until the epic Royal Wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William. I am sure the decor and fashion are going to be breathtaking and will set the tone for this summer’s weddings. Everyone needs something borrowed right? Why not borrow some ideas for your wedding from Kate. No need to reinvent the wheel.

It is rumored that Oldfield, one of Princess Diana’s favs will design Kate’s dress. Well, that is what Matt Lauer eludes to on the Today show. And I believe anything ML says. I am assuming she would have multiple dresses, one more formal than the other. But I am sure they will be pretty conservative. Kate is so stylish. I hope her personal flair is able to come throughout the events of the day.

I imagine her in something sleek, elegant and classic. Her style tends to be pretty classic and not uber trendy, so I don’t envision any ginormous puff sleeves as Diana had on her day. I can see her wearing something like Princess Victoria of Sweden did at her wedding.


A better look at the whole ensemble here.

Here is what I could imagine for a royal inspired wedding. I could see Kate or any bride in this by Alfred Angelo.

Kate is known for her hats. Just some examples….

When my husband and I went to England, I was so impressed at how the brits could really wear a suit. Kate kills it in this one, and keeps a feminine look.

There have been many side by sides of Kate and Princess Diana. Here is a good one showcasing some lovely hats.

Fun blue hat.

Kate and the Queen.

I am guessing she will probably be stuck wearing some crown jewels or something. What a drag. I am wondering if she would have selected to wear one of these at some point during the day. Maybe a feathered bridal hat like this?

This one has more veil action and is less expensive.

What could the bridesmaids wear? How about royal blue? Seems fitting.

Or maybe this? A little bit more classic.

For the men. I like this tie. Blue with a hint of red. Keeping with the British colors and all. I think maybe having grey pants to offset all of the blue action.

I like this idea.

Some royal blue shoes for the bride for a pop of color. Manola Bahnik’s. I will have me some of them shoes.

I like the idea of deep red roses mixed in with a lighter shade of red. This creates some dimension and will make the darker roses pop.

Some decor ideas starting with the programs or invites.

Some placecards


Maybe a handmade baked good to take home as a treat. Ok, at the royal wedding they will probably have diamonds as favors or something. But lets be serious, I am thinking about normal people’s weddings here.


I like the idea at the reception of having all white table cloths and including a few pops of blue here and there. Keep it simple. I like this flower arrangement. It might be hard to find a blue vase, so you could use a square vase and tie a blue knot around it.

What ideas do you have for Kate and William’s wedding?


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1 Response to A Royal Wedding

  1. Joanna says:

    I am beyond excited for this wedding! I really hope she goes for feathers as her hat, but I guess that would have to be at the reception? I love the argyle socks idea and I definitely agree that having varying shades of red roses makes the bouquet look fabulous. Great post!

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