Wine and Beer on a Budget


I must say that I do enjoy Wine and Beer Festivals, but they can be pricey and crowded. Here are some alternatives where you can get your fix for significantly less.

The past two Fridays a few of my friends got together to check out the free wine and beer tasting at Ball Square Fine Wines and Liquors. This might be a fun spot to check out if you are in the Somerville area. Or check your local wine and liquor stores to see if they have any events like this.

There are also many wineries that offer very low cost tastings and tours. I went to a bachelorette at Nashoba Winery. What a great way to spend the afternoon with some of your favorite ladies. Enjoy a $7 tour and tasting, bring a pic-a-nic lunch or dinner to eat on the porch overlooking the views of the orchards.

Or, if you don’t want to bring lunch or dinner, this winery has a restaurant on site, J’s if you are looking for a sit-down meal. Quaint cottage feel.

Has anyone been to any other low cost wine or beer tastings in the Boston area?

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8 Responses to Wine and Beer on a Budget

  1. Joanna says:

    You can certainly tour the Sam Adams (donation encouraged) and Harpoon Breweries for very cheap tastings.

    It’s a shame that Boston doesn’t allow happy hours in the classic sense, but here is a listing of bar deals in the area:

  2. Debra says:

    I enjoyed your post on Wine and Beer on a Budget; especially the idea of spending an afternoon with your bridesmaids at a local winery (if available in your area).
    If you do not have a local winery in your area, try searching for local wine-tasting events. Brides who are having their weddings catered and who may be unfamiliar in wine choices may find that attending such an event will educate them in the delightful world of wine. They will be more inclined to make an appropriate choice based on their newly found knowledge… and have fun with their bridesmaids!

    • Thanks Deb. Wine tastings are a good way to explore wines especially if you aren’t sure what you like.

      • Shana Popyk says:

        A lot of local package stores will have free wine tastings right in the store and they can help you in the purchasing and the pairings of wines with food. Also a lot of restaurants have wine dinners that is usually a five course meal with wine, sparkling wines or champagne or beer paired for each entree for tickets anywhere between 20 to 60 dollars per person. A great educational gift for a wedding couple or a small wedding party.

      • Any good restaurants you can think of that have this? CT or Boston area?

  3. Shana Popyk says:

    YES… Here are a few popular restaurants in Connecticut…

    The Inn at Newtown in Newtown, CT has Wine Dinners probably every few weeks, or for holiday or seasonal themes, one coming up is for a Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras Dinner.
    Check out their Facebook page:
    or their regular website:

    Otter Cove Restaurant and Bar in Old Saybrook, CT is also known for their wine dinners and banquet events. Their site is:

    The Blue Lemon Restaurant in Westport, CT
    and their site is:

  4. Debra says:

    I found that Mohegan Sun Casino held a Winefest event at the end of January. Several Food Network celebrities were on hand to offer tips on wine pairing choices from appetizers to desserts.
    I wished I had posted this earlier, but for those whose weddings aren’t until 2012, the next Winefest event is scheduled for Jan. 27-29, 2012. I am definitely going to attend this event!
    Mohegan Sun Casino is located in Uncasville, CT.

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