Bring the Casino to You

Over the past several years I have had the pleasure of working with Grant and Jim from Casino Productions. Each year we brought them on to entertain first-year students on the last day of orientation.

Newsflash…….they do weddings too! Specializing in post-rehearsal and post reception casinos. What an awesome idea. Couples I have worked with have been looking for some type of after party to tack on to their reception. Many family members are in town the night of the rehearsal dinner and looking for something to do. Having a casino night is a perfect ice breaker (ok, captain orientation) where the two sides of the family can interact.

They can customize poker chips and playing cards with pics of the couple for an added touch.

After years of overseeing the casino as an event for students, I got to enjoy one for myself. Grant invited me to the Bruins Foundation Casino Night. I even got to dress up. Part of me felt like I needed an Orientation staff tee-shirt and to make sure there were enough dealers on the blackjack table. After experiencing the event in a non-orientation setting, I could totally see how it would be a great addition to any wedding.

In your invitations to the wedding, you could include an insert inviting guests to the Casino. This is a cute one from etsy.

I also like this one. It is actually a design for a save the date magnet, but you get the idea.

I leave you with some pictures from the Bruins Casino Night.

Grant, Jim and I. These guys were the most famous people there in my opinion.

I brought my friend Josh with me to the event. He is a season ticket holder and their #1 fan. This is him and Mark Recchi.

Tuukka Rask, Josh and Dennis Seidenberg.

Michael Ryder, Gregory Campbell, me and Dennis Seidenberg. I am so breaking up their brofest.

Me and Brad Marchand. I guess he was my favorite because he was the best dressed in my opinion.

These flowers were gorgeous as were all of the decorations. And yes, these were in the bathroom and I kind of looked like a tourist taking this. But whatev, it was at The Westin Copley Place, when am I going to be attending another fancy event there…

Don’t worry. I made sure to sample some of everything. They had an array of cheeses in one room. In the players room, they had a nice hummus, olive and pita display and then this lobster mac and cheese. So bad for you, but so good.

I need to find out who made this cake. I didn’t get a chance to try it. I was too busy camped out at the cheesecake/other dessert display. So by the time I made it over here, I was stuffed.

Speaking of cake…guest post by Deb the Caker coming soon.


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1 Response to Bring the Casino to You

  1. Debra says:

    I love the “save the date” magnet idea. I have received these reminders in the past. Most have a pic of the bride and groom, but I think this idea is quite unique and just plain fun! And I agree, a casino “ice-breaker” is a great idea.
    The cake is awesome. I can tell you, car or truck cakes aren’t the easiest cakes to decorate. I made a police car cake for a friend who graduated from the police academy. Challenging, but then who doesn’t enjoy a challenge!
    Thanks for the post, I always enjoy reading them!

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