The Mini Dessert

Everything is better in mini!!!

Individual Pear-maple Cobbler

I have been collecting many mini dessert recipes over the years. I tried this one over the weekend. The individual pear-maple cobbler recipe comes from The Pastry Queen Cookbook and was modified by Josie at Pink Parsley. Click here for the recipe. I used granny smith apples instead of pears. Cherries or any berry would taste great. Yes, this may seem like more of a fall dish, but I am all for eating whatever you want when you want.

Here is a picture of mine. No flashy photography, but is still looks scrumptous. And it was very yummy as well.


Cupcakes have been all the crazy over the past few years as an alternative to a wedding cake, but it seems like everyone is doing that. Why not try something different for dessert at your wedding, bridal shower or other event?

I am not one for chain restaurants, but the only time I ever ate at a P.F. Chang’s, I fell in love with their mini desserts.

Check out their website for the combinations.

You could do a mini, modern dessert bar and have guests choose their own. I found this on My Sweet and Saucy blog. Check it out to see all the other lovely design ideas that match this set up.

 Cool off your guests with a spot of ice cream. Blogger Brides has some other recommendations on minis.


 Maybe you want some danty macarons. Photo from Ultimate Weddings.

Have some pie.

See if a local bakery or pastry shop can whip up some mini-creations.

Try a mini pastry from Rosies Bakery.

How about one of these Cream Puff Swans for each of your guests. Only $1.49 a piece. Usually a wedding cake is anywhere between $3-$5 a slice. This one is from Cassis Bakery in Beverly, MA.

If you still want a traditional cake to cut, you can have your baker create a small cake just for this and have it on display along with the whatever mini you choose. 

What are your favorite mini dessert? Include a recipe or picture if you have it.   

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1 Response to The Mini Dessert

  1. Debra says:

    Great blog this month! Love the mini-dessert idea; they are perfect for so many functions!
    I’ve always been a chocoholic, so a really good brownie is a must at any large gathering. I found the perfect recipe by Alton Brown of the Food Network – they’re actually cocoa brownies, and if you love the flavor of cocoa, you MUST try these!
    My other fav mini-dessert are little fruit tarts with custard. So yummy and without all the crust so you can really get the individual fruit flavors….mmmmmm La Fiorentina’s in Springfield/Northampton/East Longmeadow make them perfectly!

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