Bridal Party Gifts

I ordered a bunch of these babies to bring my snacks with me to school. Yes, in grad school you revert to worshiping snack time (and nap time) the same way you did in kindergarten. I was getting sick of buying/running out of zip lock bags and carrying Pyrex bowls in edition to a 50 pound accounting book. I am sure the mom bloggers are already all over these and they are so last season. But, in addition to their ability to transport food, long-term, they can be used as gifts too!

What cute, reusable gift bags for the bridal party. You can personalize it by having their name stamped on them. These are from House Jewels on Etsy.

If you didn’t want to get all the same bag, you can personalize even more by getting a special design bag for each girl.

I have a friend who loves Argyle, I think she would be all about this one from Celeste Blake Designs.

And for my Mom, the cat lady, from Bag it Conscious.

Unfortunately, for the groomsman, they are not too manly. I actually have been trying to find a normal one for my husband. You know, something manly like Thunder Cats, Spider man, Superman, Xmen. I am surprised by the lack of cartoon character themed ones. However, most of the vendors seemed like they would be willing to get some fabric and make whatever I wanted.

This would be cool for a dude…maybe if it was filled with each groomsman’s favorite miniature liquor or fancy cigars.

There are so many vendors on Etsy selling these in varying sizes. They are great to use for food, to hold a gift, or my most recent use, as a makeup bag. I will say that I prefer the zipper bags to the Velcro. Normally I wouldn’t care, but trying to nonchalantly open the Velcro bag in class when you can’t wait until snack time can be distracting. They are also super easy to clean!

So in edition to getting your gals some ugly jewelry (lets be serious, they will never wear it again, and it only matches the dress they will never wear again), get them something they can use again.

For more ugly dress eye candy, go here. But if you have been to/in a wedding in the 80s or 90s, then you have probably been tortured enough.

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