Petit Dejeuner al Fresco


Sunday morning I attempted to replicate my usual Sunday morning meal from Three Little Figs. While a nice treat every now and then, it is pricey and generally super busy. I get the Sweet Ricotta which is just sour dough bread sliced thick from Iggy’s with fresh ricotta and honey drizzled on top. Haven’t found out where their ricotta is from yet, but pretty sure the stuff from Bob’s will do. I always get too much, so I have started freezing it in little 4 oz containers (the only reason to ever set foot in a Baby’s R US) so it doesn’t go to waste.

Experimenting with non-milk cappuccinos. Got the espresso from San at The Coffee Trike and this time tried vanilla almond milk. It frothed well and actually was very good. Used the method outlined in my previous post on Cappuccinos housed in the standard Gramma Popyk tea cup.

Bistro dining for one.


The view from the porch is pretty nice. Our neighbor has a grape trellis that would make the perfect al fresco dining situation. Unfortunately I don’t think he uses it at all. The grapes or the dining area. His words in Italian/English, “those grapes are shit, I order mine from California”.


If I had this nice piece, I think I would go for something like this under the canopy.

Patio detail, Moulis-en-Medoc

Typical, it is in France. Does it come with this lady? I peg her as someone who could make a really good scone.

B&B patio, Moulis-en-Medoc

He also has a huge garden, which is way too much for one person. Runs the length of his house. I am guessing he has a canned tomato bunker in his basement.


We get plenty for two people from our garden.


On to the next project. Taping and painting one of the french doors we found in the attic to use in the kitchen.

Please comment if you have any creative breakfast concoctions.



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